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Pastor Susan began her licensed pastoral ministry serving  Millwood United Methodist Church (UMC) in July 2016 and began also serving the congregations of White Post and Boyce UMC in April 2016.

All About Me

Pastor Susan retired from serving over 35 years in the counseling profession, including private practice, consulting, the public school setting, and as an adjunct faculty member for George Mason University. Pastor Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts from Bridgewater College, a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology from James Madison University, and a Ph. D. in Grief Counseling from Breyer State University. Pastor Susan has been actively involved with various ministry programs and in different settings, including Youth Ministry, Family Ministry, Women’s Ministry, and Couple’s Ministry, as well as facilitating Spiritual Retreats, Marriage Enrichment Programs, Parenting, and journeying through Loss and Change. Pastor Susan has recently completed the process and has been recommended by the Board of Ordained Ministry for Associate Membership in the United Methodist Church. Currently, she is pursuing training in Spiritual Direction and engaged in Spiritual Formation Classes. Pastor Susan is married to Tommy Catlett, sharing 37 years together. They have four children and nine grandchildren. Both enjoy time with family and especially the grandchildren. While Tommy loves to fish and be involved with concession stands or preparing and serving food for church, community, and family gatherings, Pastor Susan enjoys creating memories with her grandchildren, spending time with family, spending time alone in reflection and with nature, and especially rocking in the rocking chair listening to music and praying. “I am so honored and humbled to have the opportunity to join in worshipping and serving with the Brucetown United Methodist Church Congregation and the Emmanuel United Methodist Church Congregation. I truly love the Lord and desire to share God’s love and God’s grace with others. My prayer is that together we will serve and support one another while actively making disciples for Christ, whose hands and feet will serve and continue to spread the love and grace of our Lord and Savior. We live in a time where so many are hurting, broken, and seeking, a place where in our world, people need Jesus and need to know of God’s forgiving grace. We need to be shouting it from the mountaintop, not keeping it a secret…our doors are open, and our hearts are ready to walk our faith journey in sharing the Hope we have in Christ. I love our Wesleyan heritage in the Methodist Church. Sharing about God's grace is my desire, God’s prevenient, justifying, and sanctifying grace. I strive to walk in sharing the light of Christ and the direction of John Wesley to “Do no harm,” “Do Good”, and “Stay in love with God (by keeping the ordinances of God).”


"Do no harm," Do Good" "Stay in love with God"

I look forward to serving as United Methodists in servanthood together, loving God and loving one another, and reaching others for Christ.” Pastor Susan





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