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Church Leadership 2024


Chair of the Council: Norberto Bernabeu

Co-Chair of the Council:  Lisa Tri

Lay Leader:  Lisa Tri

Chair/Representative of Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee: Wayne Fricke

Chair/ Representative of Finance Committee: Mike Fraser

Chair/Representative of the Trustees: Leah Clowser  

Church Treasurer: Deborah Bernabeu

Lay Member to Annual Conference: Lisa Tri

Representative of Brucetown Men’s Group: Kevin Clowser

President/Representative of United Women in Faith: Maggie Fraser

Youth Representative:  Corrine Conaty

Young Adult Representative (18-35 years of age):  Brielle Catlett

Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. Susan Gum Catlett 

Adm. Secretary/Recording:  Melissa Conaty

Stewardship Chair: Kevin Clowser

Education Team Leaders:   ______________ and Forrest Smith     

Safety: Brent Bowman

Worship Team Leader: Jin Lee/Lisa Tri

Nurture Team Leader: JudySue Kempf

Outreach Team Leader: Joy Bly

Witness Team Leader:  Wayne Fricke 

At Large Council Positions:   Mary Jobe; Glenda Bowman     

Paid Staff Positions:

Music Director:  Jan Geiser

Administrative Assistant: Melissa Conaty

Children’s Ministries Assistant:  Ashely Buzzell

Cleaning & Supplies: Pat Dudley

Committe on Nominations and Leadership Development

Pastor is Chair

2024: Carolyn Bly

2024: Art Bragg

2024: George Kempf

2025: Rich Ewald

2025: Deborah Bernabeu

2025: Kenneth Shirley

2026: Melissa Conaty         

2026: Pat Dudley

Lay Leader: Lisa Tri

Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee

Chair: Wayne Fricke

2024: Carolyn Bly                                2026:  Kevin Clowser

2024: Michelle Brown                        2026:  Maggie Fraser

2024: ______________                2026:  Vacated by George Kempf

2025: Norberto Bernabeu

2025: Janie Shirley

2025: Wayne Fricke

Lay Leader & Lay Member to Annual Conference: Lisa Tri

Board of Trustees:

Chair: Leah Clowser

2024: Wayne Fricke

2024: Leah Clowser

2025: Jeff Manville

2025: Pat Dudley   (Terry Bouck)

2025: Tom Price

2026: Ken Shirley      

2026: Bob Geiser

2026: Mike Fraser


Committee on Finance

Chair: Mike Fraser

Pastor/s: Rev. Dr. Susan Gum Catlett

Lay Member to Annual Conference:  Lisa Tri

Church Council Chair: Norberto Bernabeu

Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Chair/Representative:  Wayne Fricke

Board of Trustees Representative: Leah Clowser

Stewardship Chair: Kevin Clowser

Lay Leader: Lisa Tri

Financial Secretary: Melissa Conaty

Treasurer: (Adm.):  Deborah Bernabeu

Gen. Fund Treasurer:  Brent Bowman

Church Business Administrator: Administrative Assistant:  Melissa Conaty

Other elected members:   Mary Jobe        





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